MY BOB, use your head!

Since 2010, Geoffroy Moreels has wanted to share a lifestyle and aimed to nourish you with his way of understanding life: 
positive, grounded and moving with the times.
The global idea behind MY BOB is to be part of the universe of those – growing in numbers – who are keen on 
exploring the world, selecting the best of different cultures and blending them in their own way.
MY BOB creations are a call to discover new parts of the world.  Cultures, nature and people have inspired him throughout 
the latest seasons.

MY BOB is about travelling around the world, feeling the vibe of a city, country, place or region and wanting to explore it.
Ravishing Formentera, a natural beauty is the destination for MY BOB Spring-Summer 2017.

With this new collection we enlarge MY BOB Headwear with a small range of precious "BUIBUI's".
Last but not least we launch MY BOB Scarves with a small collection of handmade cotton scarves. Most of the creations are unisex.

MY BOB is entirely fashioned by the best craftsmen from around the world.
Each creation is handmade which makes it unique and of high quality.
All the reflect the elegance each one of us has in it's life. Just beautiful, a real pleasure for the eyes and the touch.

MY BOB becomes your fashion companion.

We wish you a pleasant discovery of our work.