MY BOB, use your head!

Founder and creative director Geoffroy Moreels wants to share a lifestyle, aimed to nourish you with his way of understanding life.  

Exploring the world, pinking the best of different cultures and blend it within your own way. Each collection is a call to discover a new part of the world: cultures, nature, art and people inspire him throughout the latest season.

Inspired by African symbols, colours and traditions, the Spring-Summer 2018 collection will feature, among other models, extra light felt hats (an exclusivity of the brand), French canotiers, baseball caps and western hats decorated with ribbons and brooches of various shapes and colours (traditional masks, crocodiles...).

Each store can personalise its order by choosing the finishing details, which suit best to its style and customers’ tastes.A nice way to add a touch of exclusivity to a playful brand, which cares for its products, but also its packaging, corporate image and customers service. 

The new MY BOB collection is enlarged with small embroidered leather bags and headwear accessories such as broaches and jewels.  

MY BOB is entirely fashioned by the best craftsmen from around the world. Each creation is handmade which makes it unique and of high quality. All to reflect the elegance each one of us has in its life. Just beautiful, a real pleasure for the eyes and the thought!

MY BOB becomes your fashion companion.

  Geoffroy Moreel founder by MY BOB