Feather Brooches

MY BOB feather brooches are realized in Germany.

The fine feathers are crafted by an Italian atelier which is collaborating with creative designers for over 50 years.

The feathers are chosen according to their type, dimension and color. After being washed and disinfected, they are dyed, trimmed and painted with delicacy. 

The ready feathers are travelling to Germany to be assembled with care by craftswomen in a workshop that exists since 1923. This traditional German profession is very famous as feather brooches were worn on country hats. 

Some finishes of the feather brooch are carried out with nail. The work of feather is a manual craft of great precision. No machine can reproduce it.

Up-cycle of feathers

Our feathers get a second chance as we up-cycle them after passing by farms serving the food industry. They are delicately selected and collected to offer the best quality in the best possible conditions.

Respect for animals

No feathers are used from protected or endangered birds but only from farmed animals. Our suppliers work in accordance with The Washington Convention which allows a better control of commercial trade on specific species. 


Embroidery Craftsmanship

India is a world to visit and also a treasure of craftsmanship. We have the pleasure to work with the famous regional embroiderers mastering various technics of hand embroidery. 

Together with the workshop responsible, Anne develops the creations. 

The used techniques and styles are defined by the moodboard and designs.

You want to give more volume with the French knots, more colors with the sparkling beads or richness with the Cathy knots. 


The realization of the creations is a combination of the designs of Anne, the embroidery techniques mastered by the workshop chief and the available materials on the market.

Often, we use recycled materials from local markets in our embroideries such as fabrics, glass or metallic objects.

Felt Headwear

First one workshop produces the felt hat body and a second team shapes and decorates it into a hat. The style if the felt hat will define the workshop we work with. 


It takes between 9 to 12 days to handcraft felt. The felt is a difficult material to work with. It is a tough fabric made of fibbers that are linked in all directions with each other unlike most of fabrics. 

The fine fur felt, from Portugal, provides a very soft touch for the more quality headwear which we elaborate in Spain. Since our first collection we work together with the Spanish workshop.

They are specialized in classic high-quality headwear and produce for the best brands around the world. From the shaping to the final decoration, all the steps are mainly managed by a team of motivated women that sing traditional songs during their breaks. 

For the more fantasy and fashion felt headwear, often wool felt headwear, we work together with a more fashionable Italian workshop. The Italians have a fine sense for colors, shape and fantasy. Fashion is in their genes. The LOVE Leopard hat or the dotted FOLCO are two typical creations we create with them. 

Key rings

Italy is well known for their savoir-faire and precision. Trust and quality are their key-words.

We decided to use two different styles for handmade key-rings, both using ancestral techniques.


The macrame is giving a temper to MY BOB key-rings. This technique is using knots around two ropes to give them a personalised look. We always add some embellishment to make them even more cute.


On the other hand, celtic knots are coming directly from Bretagne. Made from one single rope, it represents the infinity of life.